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[VIDEO] Black Lives Matter Protesters Spit And Stomp On US Flag In Front Of Veterans

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Any chances of Black Lives Matter claiming the mantel of Martin Luther King Jr’s, as the champions of today’s Civil Rights Movement, are completely gone after an off-shoot of the organization, “F**k yo’ Flag,” (FYF) has expressed their message by stomping over, burning, and wiping their behinds with the American Flag. The same American Flag that countless American veterans have sacrificed their lives to preserve.

At a recent trump rally, members of FYF were antagonizing pro-Trump supporters, and snickering as they were stomping on an American Flag that was on the ground. At one point, two of the FYF activists even laughed as they began to spit on the flag.

One woman claimed, “Black Power,” but insisted that it would never happen in the country because white people were never going to let it happen. Keep in mind that this is after a black man was elected to the most powerful office in the land, not just once, but twice.

About halfway through the video, a man appears who is incredulous over their actions. He says,

“My brother is a marine, you support that?”

The FYF activists begin antagonizing the man, calling him names, and giggling as they get their cell phones ready to record.

As if sensing that some sort of altercation is about to break out, the group immediately coordinates an effort to raise their hands in the sign of peace, to demonstrate in any carefully edited videos that are released, that they were just there to peacefully protest when they were the victims of an attack.

Another man appears at the demonstration, and identifies himself as a military vet.

One of the activists even tells the man,

“Why don’t you take your gun home and continue f*******g it like you do every night? Why don’t you do dat?”

The group accuses the miltary vet of fornicating with a dog, and of doing drugs.

Ironically, a member of the FYF protest is holding a sign that says, “Ignorance + Hate = Trump.”

In another clip, one of the main activists that was representing the FYF movement, describes the colors ‘red, white, and blue,’ as the new Swastika, and explained that America was hiding its racism behind the flag.

Though the activist claimed that he did not support any of the presidential candidates, he did use, at most, half of a brain cell to come up with the logic that because Donald Trump wanted to enforce America’s immigration laws, he was somehow racist. This is a narrative that has been very popular with the Left, who are not known for their critical thinking abilities. He goes on:

“Mexico used to be part of America, they stole that s**t too. Know what I’m saying?”

The FYF activist explained that he was not with the Black Lives Matter organization specifically, but that he supported the essence of the movement. In the midst of explaining his connection with BLM, he had to shout off a couple classy frazes into the distance,

“F**** yo Flag! F**** yo Flag! Eat a d**k!”

Can you imagine if any of these activists would have tried to march with Martin Luther King Jr?

H/T The Daily Caller


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