Texas Does Not Mess Around : Governor Greg Abbott Strips State Grant Funding From Sanctuary City Sheriffs

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced a plan to take state grant funding away from county Sheriffs who have a Sanctuary City policy in place.  The Criminal Justice Division (CJD) offers funding grants to counties as long as they comply with ICE detainers for criminal illegal immigrants.  In addition, any jurisdiction who reports they are complying but fails to do so will have to repay the grant funding.

During the era of the Obama administration, Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) had relaxed their own policies of detaining criminal illegal aliens with a program called “catch and release.”  The illegal criminals were caught and jailed but then released.

They were supposed to be caught, jailed, and then deported.

However, because the Obama administration realized that less than half of the captured illegal aliens were showing up at their court hearings, after being issued a Notice to Appear, the catch and release policies were implemented to ensure that fewer Notices to Appear were being issued.

The result was that the administration could claim that they had a fewer number of criminal illegal aliens skipping their days in court compared to previous administrations.

Out of 720,000 illegal immigrant criminals that were detained and eligible to be deported, only about 195,000 had charges filed against them.  68,000, who actually were charged and convicted, had refused to leave the country.

While a portion of these illegal aliens may have minor charges, they are already guilty of committing the crime of entering our country illegally.  Many have committed much worse crimes.  Identity theft is a huge problem in many communities.  Illegal aliens have been caught using other people’s identities to get jobs, benefits, free education, food, housing, and even medical care.

There are more than a dozen sanctuary cities across the country, mainly in large suburban areas such as Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles.  There are currently a total of 18 cities who flagrantly break the law by harboring illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens flock to these cities to avoid being caught, jailed and deported.  In other words, they are protected from prosecution.  With Obama at the helm, the federal government was doing nothing to penalize these cities.

Borders Closed Meme

Governor Abbott has wielded his legislative power to enforce the law in Texas.

Not only are the illegal immigrants being allowed to commit various types of fraud and crime, they are depleting state funds by the benefits they are illegally obtaining.  That is less funding for other programs in the state for legal citizens and legal immigrants.

Sanctuary cities are yet another example of why the United States has a growing problem with illegal aliens.  Illegal alien’s know they can hide in these cities, get the benefits as if they were American citizens, and not be punished.

The Sanctuary city policies themselves are breaking the law and the federal government should be stripping away federal funding until they comply.

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