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Sheriff On Bureau Of Land Management : “I will Deputize Every Man, Woman and Child” If They Continue To Harass Our Citizens

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Deputize the People

Piute County Sheriff’s Office

Utah Sheriff Marty Gleave has had enough of the federal government exercising authorities and rights not given to it through agencies like the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The BLM’s agents, like the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) agents, are not elected by the people, and yet have the authority to indirectly create new laws in the form of regulations. They also have the full backing of the United States Government to carry out their work.

Gleave called the BLM the, “Land Police,” and said that they have been getting progressively worse as time goes by.

In an almost ten minute statement, given to the Rural Caucus of the Utah State legislature, Gleave pointed out some of the problems that he was seeing from the BLM. He pointed to the federal agents coming into Piute County, and bothering the citizens by asking for permits and registrations, as well as writing misdemeanor tickets.

This is a duty that he says has always belonged to local authorities, and one that his sheriff’s department is more than capable of handling.

As anecdotal evidence, he pointed to an incident when his uncle was out hunting deer.

“We have a federal BLM ranger, come to my uncle’s camp, and he was out cooking his dinner, and he stopped him, and made him quit cooking his dinner, and made him go get the registrations for the 4 wheelers that were parked in his camp.”

Sheriff Gleave also pointed out that the BLM has been making things worse in their attempts to ‘fix’ the problems that they find.

For example, the BLM found a protected fish species in a local river, and decided to ban cattle from getting water from that river to prevent any fish from getting stepped on.

To enforce the measure, the sheriff explained, the BLM decided to block off a section with physical barriers. What ended up happening was that the physical barriers caused the river to dry up, all of the fish died, and the cattle have lost one of their sources of water.

The Utah Sheriff explained that he was tired of the abuse from the federal government, but that he was not in favor of a militia coming in to assist him.

“I’m not really a big fan of the militia showing up in my county, and I’m not going to allow that to happen, because I’ve got a militia. It’s that bunch right back there, that’s got the cowboy hats on, and every man, woman, and child in my county.”

Many Americans are calling the sheriff a hero for taking a stand against an out of control government.

“We’re done having them stomp-trample us into the ground.”

Critics of the Bureau of Land Management have speaking out against the federal government’s overreach for years. In 2014, Texas’ Greg Abbot had this exchange with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren:


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