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Arizona Gets Sick Of Violent Anti Trump-Protesters And Takes This Action

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Image Source: Twin Cities Pioneer Press

Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, has had enough of the violent and disruptive protesters that have been blocking streets. More specifically, many are pointing a finger at the anti-Trump protesters who have become infamous for such tactics.

As a result, the governor has signed into law, HB 2548, The Campus Free Expression Act. It was introduced by state Representative Anthony Kern, and the first part of the bill is designed to address the issue of freedom of speech being squashed on college campuses.

Kern says that the bill stemmed from an incident that occurred when he was visiting Glendale Community College, earlier in his life, on the 4th of July. The group he was with began passing out flyers on the campus, and they were confronted, and told they had to go to the ‘free speech zone‘ if they wanted to continue expressing their viewpoints. He said,

“All of a sudden, they came up with this free speech zone which was way away from the people.”

College campuses, like the University of California, in Berkeley, have become notorious for snuffing out Conservative viewpoints.

Left-wing community organizers and protesters show up, in great numbers, to try to shut down Conservatives that are invited to speak on campus.

The Campus Free Expression Act will make ‘free speech zones’ illegal on campuses, and the law will also make any of the areas currently designated as free speech zones into memorials instead.

The bill will allow for students to take legal recourse against any schools that attempt to hinder their freedom of expression, a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

Also written in the bill, is an address to the problem that the anti-Trump protesters have been causing as they block streets.

The new law offers stiff punishments for violators that include up to 60 days in jail and $2,500 in fines. It seems that the only political ideology that will be effected by this rule change will be Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives, as this is one of their favorite tactics.

Governor Ducey said,

“These bills protect free speech throughout our college campuses and also ensure an individual’s right to engage in free speech isn’t shut down by someone else who disagrees with his or her perspective.” 

While the Left is claiming that this bill is unconstitutional, they are missing the point that guaranteeing everybody the right to free-speech, whether in agreement with their opinions or not, is absolutely constitutional.

Speech that everyone agrees with does not need to be protected because, if everyone is in agreement with what is said, there’s nobody going after it and calling it wrong.


H/T Conservative Tribune

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